How To Get Past That One Month Hurdle

When new relationships are still in the exploratory and “get to know each other” phase it is often an easy path.  However, upon hitting the 30 day mark, many relationships fizzle out — in many occasions due to common mistakes made by guys.  If you’re really into her and want to cross that 30 day barrier, then be cognizant you don’t make any of these errors.


There is no question that chicks need to feel wanted, and a touch of jealousy here and there can serve a good purpose.  However, especially during the initial weeks of the relationship, many women have their radar up seeking to detect whether you are too possessive.  Seeing that many of us guys truly are possessive, there are consequently many women who have had a bad previous experience with an overly possessive or jealous boyfriend.  Make sure you don’t send off signals which she can construe as indicating that she needs to worry about this aspect with you — especially while the relationship is still young.

Easy To Please

Sure, everyone wants to be able to easily please their partner.  However, when a guy is too easy to please it can prove to be a turn-off to many girls.  There is a fine line between being ultimately agreeable and willing to do whatever she wants — and being viewed as a spineless wimp.  Girls like a challenge — make sure you don’t assume a demeanor which ends up sending her away in boredom after just a week or two of dating.

Bringing Up Ex’s

Do not discuss former girlfriends.  Firstly, girls don’t want to hear it — and more importantly, it inevitably leads them to believe you’re not over your last relationship.  This is a huge obstacle in a girl’s mind when it comes to committing to a more serious relationship, and if you have the propensity to compare her to or otherwise discuss your ex’s it will put this fear saliently within her mind.

Avoiding these three common mistakes can go a long way to clearing that one month hurdle.  Think back to your most previous relationships which didn’t make it past a month — were you guilty of any of the above?

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