How To Get Your Rabbit Boiled

The rabbit-boiling scene in Fatal Attraction represents one of the classic scorned woman allegories of modern times.  Most of us, at some time during our lives, engaged in the same sin as Michael Douglas by blowing off a girl immediately after an initial one night stand.  We don’t do it out of malice, it just sorta — happens.  So what really is behind the oftentimes virulent reaction we receive upon committing this dating faux pas?  Research has shown that its causes are more biological as opposed to psychological.

Both genders experience similar biological effects upon the initial flirting stage.  Many scientists, along with scammers, have tried to use these pheromones to devise magic love potions or other methods to ensure gaggles of chicks hanging all over you.  During initial courtship, both genders are driven by pheromones and experience equally their effects.  This can include loss of focus, daydreaming about the object of your effection, and other effects usually associated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

It appears that our bodies produce a chemical called Oxytocin (not to be confused with Oxycontin) shortly after achieving orgasm.  For men, the effects of Oxytocin are short lived and relatively mild.  For women, the opposite is the case.  Oxytocin has been shown to be the chemical responsible for triggering the human emotion of bonding.  In actuality, it is the same chemical which triggers attachments to our pets.  Upon an initial intimate encounter, the female system is bombarded with this chemical and it creates such a strong bond that it can evolve into a — fatal attraction.

Although oblivious to the bio-chemical causation, many men have certainly experienced the adverse effects associated with Oxytocin-soaked women.  Whereas some females are able to control these urges and limit themselves to a few days worth of constant calls and texts, others — should their attention be unrequited — can resort to more drastic measures.  Maybe, one day science will come up with an antidote to Oxytocin.  Until that day arrives one should tread lightly after causing release of this powerful chemical.



  1. mjay says:

    Thanks for reminding us how friggin’ insane women are in this country!

  2. Shery Borrello says:

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