How To Have A (Cheap) Date in London:

London is notoriously one of the most expensive cities in the world. If you’re an American, the currency exchange rate from dollars to pounds sterling will exhaust your wallet. But, you have found yourself in London, and you want to take your date out without permanently injuring your bank account. Here are a few recommendations for days and nights out with that special bird you happen to fancy like mad.


One of the great things about London is that the National museums are free and open to the public. Go visit the mummies and the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum. These priceless artifacts cost nothing to admire (unless you are generous enough to leave a small donation). After reliving 6th grade history class at the British Museum, you can head over to the National Gallery or the Tate Modern and impress your date with your knowledge of art history. If art isn’t your scene, hop the DLR and take a trip down to Greenwich and take an adventure through the National Maritime Museum or go see where time starts at the Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory.


Rather it be a Sunday stroll through the posh Kensington Gardens, a jog together through Hyde Park, or a sunset picnic in Greenwich Park, London offers a variety of areas to enjoy a moment of peaceful romance within the hustle of the city limits.


Seeing a show on the West End sounds like an expensive treat, right? Not necessarily. Book in advance or stop by a theatre box at a local store rather than at the theatre, and you might be able to find some discount tickets. You will see signs at ticket boxes throughout the West End advertising discount tickets—just keep your eyes peeled. You date never needs to know how much those tickets really cost you. Front row center, nothing is too good for her!

Oyster Card:

Even if you are only a tourist for a week, get an Oyster Card. It will save you approximately £2 on every journey. Although you do have to put down a £5 deposit, if you return your Oyster Card at the end of your trip, then you will receive the deposit back.

Cheap Dinner:

One of the best places for a value as well as a great dinner is Pizza Express. The pizzas are quite large, so you and your date can comfortably share a pie, or if you are both on the hungrier side, opt for your own. There are a variety of choices and the crust is thin and wood-fired. Add a bottle of wine, and you have a simple, nice and inexpensive dinner for two.

The Pub:

Heading out to the pub is probably the most common activity for Londoners (or, really for all Brits). But with pints each costing around £4, the tab adds up quickly. Suddenly, you find yourself having spent nearly £50 on drinks between the two of you, and this is only the first night! There are some cheaper pubs in London; don’t be deceived into thinking that if it’s London, it has to be expensive. Head to a Weatherspoon’s (there are plenty around the city), and you can find select pints under £3. On certain nights of the week, Weatherspoon’s hosts dinner and drink deals where you can get a dinner and a pint for £7. Curry Thursday is recommended.

London is a city filled with beautiful walks, museums, cheap cuisine, and marvelous monuments. Although you will run into expenses, saving a little money here and there will allow you to splurge every once and a while too. Now book your ticket, surprise your girl, and sweep her across the pond for a romantic time in London Town.

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