Ionic Clean Washing System

One of the most pleasurable feelings a guy ever gets outside of the bedroom is when surveying his squeaky clean car.  Those who have developed a close relationship with their vehicles are well served to spring for the $250 in order to pamper their car with an Ionic Clean Washing System.  The magic of this cleaning system is derived from its de-ionizing chamber.

This cutting edge cleaning methodology employs technology which takes your normal water out of the spigot and removes all the minerals along with other impurities yielding a flow of de-ionized water.  This enables the water to work like a magnet clinging on to even the most stubborn particle of dirt on your precious car.  The result is a bright shine you’d be hard pressed to get using a ShamWow or even from a professional hand car wash.

The Ionic Clean system includes a 20 foot hose, the filter unit, an auto brush with a nozzle, a telescoping pole and several other handy attachments.  Setting up the cleaning system is simple, and you can be cleaning your pride and joy within minutes of taking the Ionic Clean Washing System out of the box.  Many find that the power of de-ionized water removes the necessity of any soap or other cleaners — however, those desiring to use their favorite cleaner can still do so in conjunction with the Ionic Clean system.

The Ionic Clean Washing System can be used in two different ways.  Some are fine with using it with the brush to do all phases of the wash, while others are hesitant to let anything touch their high-end paint job.  This latter group can hand wash as usual, but then just use the Ionic Clean to do the rinse thus ensuring that the brush never touches the car.  This combines the power of a de-ionized water rinse along with the pampering of a diaper or whatever else you use to clean your baby.

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  1. Asa Losinski says:

    Chemical car wash, also known as waterless car wash, uses chemicals to wash and polish car surface. Thought to have originated in Australia and claims to be an eco-friendly car wash method.*

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    I much prefer inatimforve articles like this to that high brow literature.

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