iPhone 4 Review

After lining up around the world, Fanboys now have their hands on the new iPhone 4 — but does it really have anything new to offer?

The vast majority of comments indicate that the iPhone 4 is a dramatic leap forward from the current model, and only one issue is triggering negative reviews.  This relates to the often hated relationship between Apple and ATT — the iPhone 4 is still shackled to ATT which has now abandoned flat rate data plans.  The reliability of ATT’s network has been widely called into question, and the iPhone 4 would become even more attractive if users were able to select from alternative networks.

As for the good stuff — let’s start with video calling.  The iPhone 4 facilitates video calling with the quick tap of a button next to the applicable Contacts entry, and video calling — called FaceTime — is one of the best upgrades on the iPhone 4.  Users can transition between the front and back cameras seamlessly which allow you to easily share your surroundings with the party on the other end of the call.  The one downside is that in order to utilize FaceTime both parties must be using an iPhone 4.  Apple indicates that they are endeavoring to make FaceTime workable across platforms, but no time table for this has been released.  Additionally, for FaceTime to work both parties need to be connected to WiFi.

The iPhone 4’s battery shows great improvement, and with normal use it can go for almost 40 hours on a single charge.  This includes calls, some obligatory time-wasting game play, streaming some music and downloading apps.  This extended battery life time is sure to be among the most popular improvements seen in the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 was ergonomically designed and is quite comfortable to hold, and the display has far more crispness than previous models with an increased array of hues facilitating clearer pictures and videos.  The phone uses iOS4 which is mostly like previous releases with a few minor tweaks.  All in all, upgrading to the iPhone 4 is definitely worth it.

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