iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4 Now Available — So What’s New?

Hardcore fanboys and tech freaks of all stripe are celebrating the beta release of iPhone OS 4.0.  Previous iPhone OS beta releases have been quite buggy, most saliently the OS 2.0 beta which created myriad headaches for intrepid users who served as guinea pigs.  None of these issues have yet been documented on iPhone OS 4.0 beta, but it is always wise to do back-ups and be wary when installing any OS while still in beta.  So what’s new in iPhone OS 4.0?

To begin with, Apple has changed the default home screen.  Instead of all of your apps being spread out on the screen,  a folder named “utilities” initially appears containing the calculator, clock, voice memo and compass applications.  Apple has finally also included some additional default wallpapers without the clutter or busy format which characterized previous wallpaper choices.  Apple has also included the functionality to send group messages in OS 4.0 — a development which has been much clamored for.

Much to ATT’s chagrin, OS 4.0 contains a tethering option allowing you to share your iPhone’s connect with your computer via bluetooth or USB.  Like the already overburdened ATT cell towers didn’t need this additional load.  Apple also includes a small tweak to its photo app enabling you to select the orientation of your photo roll — a feature which was much requested by iPhone users.  The previously annoying silent pause upon picking up a call has disappeared, and the maps app had been updated in terms of both appearance and accuracy.

Although changes from Beta 3 can not be classified as substantial, the small tweaks as described above make the iPhones performance even more user friendly and utilitarian.  It is also a testament to Apple’s desire to keep Google at bay in the increasingly bitter war developing within the mobile device marketplace.  Those fluent with iPhone usage who are looking to update their user experience are encouraged to download this latest beta release today.



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