Is It Time To Make the Leap To 3D TV?

The huge popularity of Avatar has created increased demand for 3D content.  Both Samsung and Panasonic now have 3D-compatible televisions on the market, and those who are prone to be the first to buy each new toy are pondering whether now is the time to upgrade their televisions to 3D.  Panasonic is especially pushing 3D adoption, and their Touch The Future tour is showcasing its 3D line including the recently released slick plasma set.

Panasonic is boasting that the 3D experience immerses the viewer within the scene.  They assert their technology will bring the viewer right into the sporting event or action flick they are watching.  However, initial reviews were less than enthusiastic.  Whereas when consumers first got a glimpse of an HD picture they stared mesmerized, those first experiencing Panasonic’s 3D picture failed to see a major distinction from existing BluRay technology.  Shelling out upwards of $2000 for a new television and other necessary ancillary equipment dictates a greater sense of enthrallment as was displayed by initial viewers.

The second issue is content.  Even Avatar’s director, James Cameron, admits that 3D movies have a significant production horizon.  There is a current paucity of 3D content which calls into question the utility of buying one of these sets in the first place.  One can only watch Avatar and Alice In Wonderland so many times.  Within the sporting world, ESPN is launching 3D service on June 11th.  Initial plans are to broadcast 85 “events” per year in 3D, but many of these events will be components of one overall tournament such as the FIFA World Cup.

Gaming has the potential to fill the 3D content void, and avid gamers might have reason to be among the first adopters of this technology.  Production of a 3D game has a much shorter schedule as opposed to movies, but current consoles do not support 3D technology.  This begs the question of which comes first — 3D consoles or the adoption of 3D televisions.  To many men, the greatest possibilities are within the world of adult content — which was the primary driver of VCR technology decades ago.  The general manager of adult studio Elegant Angel was recently quoted as saying the current economics do not support the production of adult 3D content.  However, we all know that will quickly change once this technology hits critical mass.

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  1. Akbar says:

    I was skeptical of this set at first, when vweeid in-store at Best Buy and Walmart it seemed dull and dim compared to the much brighter LCD’s on display. Those employees, like a couple reviewers here, just have no idea how to properly set it up. Crank up the brightness and contrast, this is the most amazing picture quality I’ve seen in my home(make the employees set it to vivid for a quick way to compare). Gamers swear by Panasonic Plasmas, and this model is no exception. The deep blacks add layers of color I never saw on my previous TV and the lack of LCD lag make all my games feel so much more responsive. 3D is a fad and smart features can be added just by hooking up a PC, or are delivered by the PS3 or 360 already. Skip those unneeded costs to grab this giant plasma for a great value.

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