Joe Goes To FIT EXPO

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  1. Nikodemusz says:

    yeah noticed it to, surely that’s him.

  2. StOnion says:


  3. Leftfootbeats says:

    Do you even lift Joe?

  4. bendsucks says:

    so fucking funny

  5. Dalek22comments says:

    3:57 I would had been very scared xD

  6. Wessidebrotha says:

    Omg I luv this guy

  7. Wizhix says:

    i dont fuking get it he is a few inches short off toney freeman 6’3 but in the gaming vid he gets towered by everyone wth

  8. ambi7ionproductions says:

    andy haman :D

  9. anglo1saxon3 says:

    LMAO joes really quick 

  10. thestickysoldiers says:

    @BadgeofShame Are you going to do a video reuniting with the beauty and the geek women?

  11. Joe Ramirez says:

    I think I might take steroids! go ahead if you want a little one haha love that one!

  12. oreoeater5 says:

    OMG! The guy in the background at 3:08 …just walking by.

  13. flukevocalcovers says:

    These guys were the coolest! :D

  14. DZIBTUYU says:

    we need more hot chicks on this interviews. cool dude

  15. audioGGG says:

    These guys were bros.

  16. Spike5war says:


  17. solidsnakec20 says:

    keep making these joe! they brighten up my day!

  18. 911650 says:

    do you even lift?

  19. kabr0ne says:


  20. MrMulleland says:

    No, this is Duke Nukem: 3:19

  21. nisbahmumtaz909 says:

    It’s amazing how none of these guys are douchebaggy meatheads.
    Way to prove the stereotype wrong, sensible buff guys.

  22. aerozg says:

    this guy looks like Bas Rutten 4:02

  23. onokaoonokao says:

    OMG 4:02 bas rutten, why the fuck didn’t you interview him joe, he’s the coolest guy in the universe ffs

  24. onokaoonokao says:

    lol it is him

  25. aerozg says:

    yup, i recognized him

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