John Ainsworth in Roommate Revenge! (Funny!!!)

I’m not a bad guy, he didn’t even really want that hamburger! Watch at your own risk!

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  1. SvenCoopMaster says:

    MAKE ANOTHER ONE!! That was Freakin Hilarious!!!

  2. scurwen says:

    WEll it happens to the best of us! me more than once!

  3. goDaleJrgo says:

    That was the most hilarious Exlax prank I’ve ever seen!!!! PLEASE PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER ONE!!!

  4. looonyGUN says:

    hopefuly that wasint ur freind because that wold b funnier lol

  5. xedgar1982 says:

    lol you can tell all setup why would guy follow him around with cam.would have been better if it was real

  6. madzikud02 says:


  7. johnainsworth says:

    It was all done MOS and on 16 mm film. Thanks for the comment!

  8. johnainsworth says:

    Mit Out Sound. It was all done without sound so we just added in the music and the sound effects later.

  9. hero0ftheday2004 says:

    thats funny!!!!!!!

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