Joos Orange Solar Charger Review

The average consumer now carries with them a wide variety of gadgets ranging from iPads to sex toys.  Although today’s array of gadgets have differing designs and functions, they all share they same need for power in order to function.  While at home or in the office this doesn’t present much of a problem, however, in other scenarios a reliable power source is not available.  The most gadget-obsessed among us have nightmares about their Blackberry dying during a fishing trip or another scenario which deprives them of access to their gadgets.

The Joos Orange Solar Charger is among the best options on the market today towards ensuring your gadgets won’t die despite how remote — or rainy — your current environs are.

The Joos Orange is the epitome of simplicity.  This charger is durable, rugged along with being easy to carry and store.  Best of all, it gives your starving gadgets a quick watt with surprising rapidity.  The Joos Orange comes with seven of the most popular adaptor types which are easily selected in order to connect your power hungry gadget.  The unit weighs a mere 24 ounces, and its dimensions roughly approximate that of an iPad.  You can throw it, kick it, drop it or even submerse it in water and it will still work.

The guts of the Joos Orange contain a highly efficient 5400 milliamp lithium-ion battery.  The battery within the unit is capable of holding its charge for several years.  The Joos Orange is able to give four full charges to your iPhone before needing to be recharged itself by the sun.  It is even capable of fully recharging the often fickle new iPad.  The unit has two LED status lights, red for solar and a green one for battery.  The red light blinks rapidly to let you know when you’re receiving juice.  The Joos Orange is unique in that it includes two sets of reflectors which increase the amount of energy collected by up to 30% when connected to both sides of the device.

There has never been an easier way to avail yourself to the free energy emitted by the sun each day.  If the Joos Orange has any deficiency it is the current lack of Mac compatibility for GUI software.  All in all, HardyMag highly recommends the Joos Orange Solar Charger for anyone who has occasion to find himself off the grid.

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