Kid Trolled Into Doing Physical Activity

How we made this happen: My brother, Petition joined a game and advertised for free 10th. This kid messaged him back and wanted it. So basically my brother started up a private match and said it was on invite only so nobody will know what their doing. I joined off of his invite and said I was a mod (you know, all the usual stuff). To make it seem more realistic, Petition was asking how I got in and was surprised. This is a very easy way to lure people into your troll. My best troll so far! I got this kid to do pushups, army crawls, jumping jacks, and more to pass my “field sobriety test”. This is truly hilarious and I hope you guys enjoy. If you like trolling videos like this one, subscribe to me and like this. I’m putting in alot of hard work for these and s you can see I’ve been uploading them daily. I might start livestreaming these and you guys can participate! Comment below if you think its a good idea. Also, Follow me on Twitter for updates @spectatemekid


  1. Milkersdegreat2 says:

    o.o thank you for pointing it out

  2. RimlinguhhJ says:

    Homo sapien? “wise man” not British descent…

  3. ZeroWolfAlfa says:

    I enjoy this trolling videos in general, but wonder, how many faild trolls goes on one sucsess.

  4. thekevinlittletoad says:

    @GameInsignia would also have to explain “explain” to him

  5. TheLittleBlackMomba says:

    dislike these old trollers

  6. diannacorey says:

    this is clasic

  7. Tools240 says:


  8. MrDrumdrum239 says:

    you guys dont have anything better to do u must not be popular in school or get pussy

  9. Dillon Kirkland says:

    i love your videos bro!!!!

  10. Magicalspacebear1 says:

    So out out on the kid but funny

  11. Lowmandavis says:

    whats wrong with mods?

  12. Lowmandavis says:

    im 13 almost 14 and i didn’t know a homo-sapien is a person of british

  13. spore4277 says:

    People can be this gullible?
    I lost the ability to falls for things like this when I was like 8.

  14. ragingwiteboy says:

    can you add me xXSave DopeXx

  15. drew32091 says:


  16. Xcelorate says:

    Keep doing this and you can change little boys into becoming men! This

  17. Lowmandavis says:

    What is that wrong what he said or something?

  18. emmanloveclan says:


  19. johnthelion999 says:

    homo sapiens are any human, not a british person

  20. JoshysProdution says:

    Im 12 and i known since i was 10 lol

  21. Scott Walton says:

    hahaha this is awesome

  22. jemzie15 says:

    Haha awesome

  23. jemzie15 says:

    Trolla Lolalol hahaha

  24. TheMultipleGamesShow says:

    Physical activity? *gasp* YOU FUCKING MONSTER!

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