Kristen Stewart on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1

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  1. Juveaura says:

    How to be happy starring Kristen Stewart.


  2. bella swan says:

    shes my fucking wifey

  3. TheVideotesting123 says:

    Pretty damn sexy trampire legs. Nice. 

  4. super0star0material says:

    I find her so average…I mean its just my opinion but really I don’t see why everyone finds her so beautiful.

  5. hitratalisica says:

    whats up with the ugly tasteless clothes

  6. GloeckchenTime says:

    KRISTEN! *______________________*
    She’s SO amazing, really! I love this beautiful girl so much!
    I’m proud, that i can say THIS is my idol! For ever and ever!

  7. GloeckchenTime says:

    0:43 – 0:45 *-*

  8. Taysten Krisbian says:

    She’s so fucking beautiful and I love her so much <3
    Kriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisten ((((((:

  9. 102938shadow says:

    She’s dumb

  10. 19notes19 says:

    Omg haha I love her

  11. TheSuperkeke507 says:

    if u dont like her y even type her name in or even lookin at her videos people these days
    LOVE U KRISTEN <33333

  12. TheCheckitto says:

    shes too hot, i cant watch this video

  13. burlacu1982 says:

    the worst actress I have seen in the past 10 years, she is not talented or even beautiful. Charlize Theron is more beautiful than her.

  14. Nightzet467 says:

    Jesus christ she’s nervous. And not a great person to interview, ‘twould seem

  15. MsCaramello73 says:

    She looks great. 🙂 I really like this interview. She’s a cool and beautiful girl. I can’t wait to see BD2 and OtR.

  16. MsCaramello73 says:

    She looks cute with that sweater on. She looks like the young person she is. 🙂

  17. xAvrilTaylorKristen says:

    Aww shes wearing Robs necklace!

  18. dudejohnny says:

    How do you know this information?

  19. sara barb says:

    i love her

  20. sara barb says:

    kristen stewart is so pretty and her and robert are so cute together i love you kristen

  21. Fleur de Groene says:

    omfg that skirt <3_<3

  22. soltwilight04 says:

    i just know, ok? 

  23. dudejohnny says:

    No, obviously not okay. Since when did hearsay become reliable evidence?

  24. veronica argenti says:

    Her legs ♥__♥

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