Kym Douglas Gets Physical

Ellen’s beauty guru brought in a new kind of workout equipment to demonstrate for our audience. She may want to watch the instructional video a few more times.


  1. EatMorEShit102 says:

    @ 1:00 she sounds like a seal thats gonna die!

  2. SUMMERBOUND808 says:

    Thumbs up if you want the SHAYTARDS on the Ellen show!

  3. misslol552 says:

    @ilyFredQ and who r u to tell us to stop? Its not like its on ur fb wall right? So be quiet and go away 🙂 thanks hun

  4. sass2962 says:

    That actually looks fun….. I want it ;))

  5. XxPharaohAtemxX says:

    im confused, does ellen bring her on the show because she really think those things work or because she thinks the lady’s funny..?

  6. lolololol5172 says:

    I call it the Jackie Cham move

  7. WhyWeLove12 says:

    Thumbs up if you thought in your head “lets get physical physical hmmm lets get physical”

  8. sandrsofias says:

    and when it breaks in mid swing, say bye bye to your thumbs.

  9. Xjulienalay21X says:

    I was waiting for her to fall on the ‘Jackie Chan’

  10. Hileysweety says:

    what is wrong with her ? lmao

  11. plaidskyline says:

    Do want.

  12. IMsIzzy333 says:

    Where could you get on of these????

  13. MoeKnowsIt says:

    Based on the way she’s talking.. It seems like all the previous people she’s introduced this to have been not interested. lol

  14. nellie2581 says:

    I don’t think I can do this workout, but it looks like fun

  15. oneuniqueusername says:

    I can;t believe Kym’s 60 this year!

  16. BeccaLovesNiley4ever says:

    SAY WHAT?! She’s 60?!?!?! She looks… 30’ish to me…

  17. May Li says:

    ohhh lets all do the… JACKIE CAHN HIIIIEEE YAAA!!!!

  18. Marmobri says:

    this is my last Ellen video….. Oh! look at that one!

  19. the911ers says:


  20. LazyPatato says:

    You’ll say she’s crazy but this shit actually works. She’s actually 59 years old.

  21. abdullahal561 says:

    Arms R.I.P

  22. Shane Styles says:

    and ur the only 1 who actually notices it……

  23. ILYMTCfriends4eva says:

    yup…totes awks…

  24. Shane Styles says:

    ahaha xD

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