larry griswold

larry griswold world’s greatest comedy diver co-inventor of the trampoline

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  1. CircleTheSkies says:

    Like a boss

  2. franklinjexsul says:

    THIS is comedy.

  3. coreynate says:

    any relation to Clark W. ?

  4. heycoreytoo says:

    Jackie Chan’s long lost uncle …

  5. usegatto says:

    In those days, you had to have talent to make it big in showbiz, I guess

  6. Bullseye5477 says:

    This is why America wins!

  7. WoWVerther says:

    we used to win, now we fucking suck

  8. Beclocs says:

    They don’t make ’em like this anymore.

  9. LekiddoLobsterLord says:

    Amazing! PPkk

  10. Panzerlang says:


  11. tehmixx says:

    You seriously don’t get comedy and showmanship like this today lmao.

  12. w3stwood says:

    Don Otto does something similar.

  13. LeoBeoo says:

    haha, how he´s trolling the audience lmao

  14. 123markym says:

    What a talented man. These were the days before vulgar words had to be used in comedy.I get sick of modern day commediennes thinking they have to talk dirty to be funny. Mr Griswald was loaded with talent. how the heck did he bounce back up and land on that diving board like he did? I would have killed myself doing that.

  15. 123markym says:

    Once upon a time one had to have talent to be in show business. now you just have to come from a famous family and get a reality show. or do something plain stupid. to get attention.

  16. MichaelBurbachFan says:

    Wow,this is great! loved it!

  17. jec444 says:

    From the age of talented entertainers. According to wiki he lived into his 90’s and taught this stuff in a university!
    Great video. My 8 year old loves it.

  18. surfingboy0108 says:

    My 4 year old loves it too although it did look as if he nearly list a couple of teeth on the belly flop on the Board!
    Great innocent fun!

  19. UberTroll13 says:

    back when comedy wasn’t about offending people

  20. dfarmbrough says:

    That’s a pretty good variety act. What a shame YouTube viewers find it necessary to pour scorn on modern comedy in order to praise this. Modern comedy can be just as good, if you’re discerning!

  21. Doodlebugs77 says:

    ditto! 123markym

  22. lethalproducer says:

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  23. Byebubble says:

    Out of things that are good, this is best. Haha. Freakin hilarious! Then at the end when he was actually really talented at the flips I was amazed. Why have I not heard of this guy before!?

  24. promaty says:

    Back in the day when special effects had to be compensated with talent…

  25. hyattwarris says:

    First time I’ve heard of Larry Griswold. What a great act!

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