“Let’s Get Physical!” Paul F. Tompkins @ Un-Cabaret

Paul tells about his first massage.


  1. djphatd says:

    Paul is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. freein2339 says:

    I’n sorry , this guy is not funny…

  3. NDW160brah says:

    You have an internet connection, you aren’t a critic. No one wants to hear what you have to say.

  4. freein2339 says:

    Then don’t read it you idiot…He’s not funny…

  5. NDW160brah says:

    If you do not want people to read it why did you post it?…idiot.
    Also, I don’t think you not finding him humorous makes him not funny. Obviously he is if he makes his living off of being a comedian.
    Do you think you have the last say in who is funny and who is not?
    That is just ridiculous. I can’t believe you think that. You are full of yourself.

  6. freein2339 says:

    I’m saying that he’s not funny…my…opinion….get over it…

  7. NDW160brah says:

    But no one cares of your opinion.
    Are you really sleepy of something…you…keep putting…these in…
    Look, I don’t know why you think you are the person who decides who is funny or not but you are not. I don’t even think that is a real job. Have you been getting paid for this? If so ask how I can apply for it. I think I would be much better than you at deciding who is funny and who is…not.
    Just because it is your opinion doesn’t mean you need to post it.
    You misspelled I’m.

  8. freein2339 says:

    He’s NOT FUNNY….get over it and grow up

  9. NDW160brah says:

    He is funny though to many people. Now if you said, “This guy to me is just not that funny” that would have been better. I’d probably would have still said something but that is neither here nor there.
    Who is funny to you? I’d like to know.
    You have all music on your page so I’m going to say you do not know much about comedy.
    That is why I have asked for you to be fired from your position of deciding who is funny and who is not.
    Also, I think you need to grow up sir,

  10. freein2339 says:

    I like guys that are funny….and this guy isn’t…What are 13 years old or something..?? You act like a little kid….grow up..

  11. NDW160brah says:

    I never asked you about your sexual preference or what you are looking for in a partner. I’m sorry if you do not think Paul would be a good partner, but I am pretty sure he is married.
    13 year olds are creatures, usually humans, who have been on the earth for around 13 years. I don’t know why you would ask that. I think you just left out words again. You can use one period you know. Haha why do you do that?

  12. NDW160brah says:

    I do not act like a child! Except for the few occasions I have been caught coloring on the walls with crayons, or play with action figures. But that is my personal choice.
    You sir are the child. There is no need to write judgement of someones performance over the internet, especially if you do not like it. So I’ll stay the way I am and you grow up.

    P.s You never answered my question, I think you missed it. What comedians do you like?

  13. captainarchernx01 says:

    Paul is perhaps the greatest comedian of our generation. How is he not the subject of t-shirts?

  14. Zach Moffatt says:

    Hm, yes. How is he not that?

  15. refusedchad says:

    this guy is funny

  16. thestarship1977 says:

    its hilarious how i get on this site and it of no matter what i type i see someone argue with someone they don’t know , life is stressful enough as it is why go lookin for a fight , but it is hilarious to see though , keep it up lol .

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