LifeCORE R100 Rower

Getting to the gym can often be a hassle, and a good home gym is the dream of many of us.  However, the poor quality of many advertised home gym components often proves to discourage actually taking the first steps towards creating a good home gym.  In terms of rowers, the LifeCORE R100 yields a commercial quality choice without an exorbitant price tag.  Although prices vary, the LifeCORE R100 can be found with free shipping, and no sales tax, for under $1300.

The R100 has features typically only found on commercial machines situated in health clubs — machines costing several times more.  Most notably, the LifeCORE R100 contains electronics normally only seen on high-end commercial units.  This rower’s command center consists of a large and easy to read back-lit screen displaying a multiplicity of statistics.  These include distance, speed, time and calories burned.  A depth of additional data and statistics are available as well.  The R100 comes with 20 pre-set work-outs, or you can customize your own, utilizing 15 levels of resistance.

LifeCORE has strived to make the R100 one of the lowest impact rower options on the market, and they have succeeded.  This even holds true when compared to commercial rowers seen at professional gyms — costing up to five times as much as the R100.  The R100 facilitates a fluid and smooth motion greatly reducing the stress many rowers put on your knees and ankles.  The ergonomically designed rowing handle is easy to grip, and the spacious foot beds allow for a full range of motion for your heels.  This allows you to mimic the natural motions entailed in rowing an actual boat — a feat obviously not possible within the confines of your home.

The R100 has sturdy construction and is built to hold up to 600 pounds.  Rowing has been shown to be one of the most effective routes towards both muscle building as well as aerobic capacity.  LifeCORE now provides an option with the R100 for you to own a rowing machine comparable to what you’d previously only see at a gym.  It isn’t cheap, but the convenience of ownership make this expense well worth it for many guys with busy schedules.

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