“Like Mike” – Daniel Cloud Campos

Some things should never be found… some things should never be opened…. and some things should never be stolen. There will never be another… Like Mike. Be true to yourself and there will never be another like YOU… This is a short film dedicated to the KING himself!! Michael Jackson we miss the magic that you continue to spread around the world with your music, the power of change that you have planted into our hearts with your message, the energy you projected into all of our souls through your moves and the tears of joy and inspiration you have given us through your voice. We are forever grateful for your gifts :)) We love you MJ!!! Music by : Michael Jackson (No copy right intended) Written/Directed/Edited by : Daniel Cloud Campos Produced by : Tova Dann Director of Photography : Morgan Susser Choreography by : Michael Jackson Score by : Mike McKnight Sound Design : Daniel Cloud Campos Cast : Daniel Cloud Campos & Joanie Rapier DI Colorist : Luis Silva DI Producer : Rosalie Staley Hair & Makeup : Tamara Levinson :)))) Title Design : Amanda Elliott Camera Operators : Morgan Susser, Spencer Susser, Troy Christian Special Thanks to : Noel Beltran, Keith Stallworth, Chris Julian, Charles Bunnag & the KING OF POP!! Very Very Special thanks to Tamara Levinson!! I would not be able to do any of this without you 🙂 I love you!

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  1. Bassoarno says:


  2. DanielOwnsGG says:

    WE LOVE CLOUDֱֱֱֱֲֲֳֳֳֳ

  3. allana221 says:

    4:00 A message for Lady Gaga

  4. madrigaljiggy says:

    why isnt this in 10 million views?!?


  5. Azul Giordani says:


  6. BBoyAfroA says:

    Still have to charge you for the full hour
    Cloud:UH that’s fine

  7. akaijam says:

    This is a fuckin Masterpiece.

  8. MrArikaz says:


  9. Crybboy says:

    Daniel cloud campos, definition of perfection in dance

  10. elliatt says:

    Michael Jackson came back from the dead and said fuck this. No one better than me motherfucker. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Died crying….

  11. SuperBe1st says:

    I think Cloud is the best bboy. He is my idol. But who cant dancing as well as MJ cause they are not Jackson. he is only one. It’s just my opinion 😀

  12. jhcskjckzxjc says:

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  13. achiko997 says:

    Please add link of that remix, please.

  14. cindycintilante says:

    Absolutely FANTASTIC! Refined sense of humor + TALENT!

  15. abnerkloter says:

    nice word..

  16. VideoDanceTV says:

    There will never be another CLOUD! Video Dance TV is featuring “Like Mike” as the DANCE VIDEO OF THE DAY. Want to see Dance Films we feature daily? Check out our SCREENING ROOMS on our blog-links found on our channel. Get daily updates by following us on Twitter @VideoDanceTV. Cheers!

  17. super47agent says:

    I freaked out in 6:16 . shit~

  18. kaxfromhere says:

    HAHA..oh my i love this… why am i into dancers lately..???…lol i love em.. <3 Cloud <3

  19. kaxfromhere says:

    didn’t see that coming…haaha…that was freak… hahaha

  20. boogiedownmj says:

    very well done

  21. dnatenat says:

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  23. adolfox14 says:

    K.O 6:14

  24. Bassoarno says:


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