Make Sure She Drinks Up

A new study conducted by Gordon G. Gallup, Ph.D of SUNY Albany reviewed the sex life and mental state of 293 college aged women. This study sought to quantify the effect of semen upon a woman’s mental state — research you may have conducted many times in the past. Dr. Gallup’s study came up with a conclusion which many of us have already figured out — women love cum. Us amateur researchers endeavoring to provide an ample supply of semen to the women around us know this from experience, but now Dr. Gallup has shown it to be a fact.

The study illustrated that semen contains powerful and mood-altering components. Dr. Gallup was able to quantify this by studying the differences in mental states between women who have vaginal and oral sex using condoms versus girls who have unprotected sex. The college girls having unprotected sex — getting a full dose of semen — were proven to be happier overall as compared to their semen-starved sisters. Furthermore, cum can be addictive. The women who were used to getting their daily dose of sperm were far more likely to seek out a new relationship when their current one ended.

The study said that semen’s addictive qualities caused these women who engaged in unprotected sex, to be more likely to have “rebound relationships” in their quest for a new source of semen. Semen intake can either be orally or via the vaginal walls. The next time your girl seems to be down or in the dumps, point to this study when suggesting that her blowing you might be the answer to all her problems.



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