Manscaping: A Woman’s Perspective

There is nothing worse than feeling extremely attracted to a man and ready to get intimate with him and then discovering as he takes off his clothes he resembles teen wolf.  I am talking about the hairy back, shoulders, and untamed pubic hair.  Women go through extensive beauty routines and expense to keep themselves groomed and looking as hairless as possible.  Men also need to be aware that they need to do more than deodorant and cologne to have us wanting to be skin to skin with them.  Here are the basics:

1)     Hairy Back:  This is a common issue for most guys and we women do understand but there are things that can be done.  Please get your back waxed if you have a curtain of hair, it is painful at times, but it is worth it for the final result.  Waxing does take regular care and should be done ideally every 6-8 weeks.  It is a must for going to a beach or public pool where you will be shirtless.  Shaving works also but the result lasts only a few days and you need help to get it done right.  Also remember with shaving, when any hair grows back it can itch!  If you have a few thousand dollars to spare laser hair removal is a permanent and effective solution.

2)     Hairy chest:  There is nothing wrong with hair on men’s, chest, it screams masculinity.  This is a personal choice for guys as some prefer no hair but remember many women expect to see some hair.  If you have a lot of hair it is essential to at least keep it trimmed.

3)     Hairy ears and nose hairs:  This should not be an issue for guys under 40 but please look and make sure that you don’t see any.  This is a guaranteed rejection for getting a girl in bed.

4)     Pubic hair:  Some believe no pubic hair for men or women heightens sexual experience.  Personally I would be a little freaked out seeing a guy hair free in his genital area on a first encounter.  More likely women are going to expect that hair is trimmed and not out of control.  Remember never wax or use hair removal cream in this area; carefully use a razor or trimmer for a well groomed look.

5)     Arm pit hair:  We women really don’t go there much, just make sure it is not long enough to braid.

6)     Eye brows:  If you have hair between your eyes and you see a unibrow, please go get it waxed or tweezed at a salon.  This is easy to do and takes about 5 minutes and will change your entire face.

7)     Leg hair: This is a definite must unless of course you are an Olympic swimmer.

8)     Facial hair:  Many women like a little 5 o’clock shadow as it is sexy and lets us know that you are full of testosterone.  I don’t know any women that like a mustache or beard so keep the facial hair to a neat trim or cleanly shaven.  Please no landing strips or odd patches or groomed hair which is a guaranteed huge turnoff.  Sideburns can look good on some guys but they need to be trimmed and do not resemble Elvis.

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