MOOSEBUTTER comedy a cappella quartet **promotional video**

***MOOSEBUTTER*** comedy a cappella quartet rulers of the UNIVERSE (?) promotional video. Winners of multiple internation awards, including Harmony Sweepstakes international finals runners-up and Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards Best Comedy Song. moosebutter has entertained audiences across the United States since 1999. Combining parody songs, originals comedy songs, physical humor, improvisation and audience interaction, moosebutter shows are always fun, always family-friendly concert events.



  1. TBarrett12 says:

    Great job

  2. TermitaterBrickFlics says:

    love the news part!

  3. kennymelodica says:

    ha ha !! awesome

  4. actressandmusic says:

    u guys r hilarious. i hope u win America’s Got Talent!

  5. SeanVP84 says:

    I still wish I could have auditioned for the bass part a ew years back, but Colorado is a bit of a hike! Little tip if you’re ever requested to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the fly again. To get the first chord, the first 4 notes of “silver Bells” when the lyrics say “City sidewalks” the the starting notes from the top down. Hope it helps!

  6. ThatOneRaven says:

    lmao @ the news part.

    It’s a shame that you guys didn’t make it on AGT, I thought you guys would have creamed the competition. <_<

    -Wookie Man Maxwell

  7. harleychik027 says:

    Oh please oh please come to southern california. try out to play at Disneyland!! Its super easy!

  8. IssyRedbird says:

    XD Come to Texas please!!! Specifically my school!!!! XD

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