Movie Review: Kites

There are occasions — mostly relating to desiring to impress a girl — when a guy wants to find a decent artsy subtitled foreign flick in order to show off his more erudite side.  Finding such a film which truly doesn’t suck can be a difficult task, but one recent release now in theaters can impress her while not subjecting you to excruciating boredom.  Kites is a synthesis of Hollywood and Bollywood (India’s equivalent to Hollywood), and it spins an extravagant fantasy with stunning filmography.

Mostly set in Las Vegas, Kites starts off with the male protagonist going solely by “J” (played by Indian star Hrithik Roshan) dumped out of a moving freight train and left for dead out in the blazing desert.  The film then unfolds as a series of his flashbacks recounting the series of events that led to his current situation.  J is a good looking Vegas hustler, and his flashbacks start with a session teaching dance to a very sexy Gina (played by Kabir Bedi) who is a pampered daughter of a local casino owner.  J becomes involved with Gina which leads back to a previous relationship with equally sexy Linda (played by Barbara Mori) who he entered into a sham marriage with in order to facilitate her Green Card.

The problem lay with Linda’s thuggish father who does not approve of J.  Despite the initial sham nature of their relationship, J and Linda fall in love sending them on the lam to escape her psychotic father.  The entire cast of characters converge in Vegas for a combo love story/action flick which attempts to deliver entertainment to both genders.

There are actually two versions of this movie hitting theaters in the U.S.  The full blown “real” version is longer than 2 hours and contains dialogue in multiple languages with the requisite subtitles.  Although purists most probably prefer this version, another one was released for average guys like yourself who just desire to find a good movie to impress a date.  This version is only 90 minutes and all dialogue is in English.  If you’re in need of a flick which is “chick friendly”, this one should fit the bill.

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