Movie Review: MacGruber

Replete with the requisite cheap laughs and corny explosions, MacGruber delivers what fans of the character would expect.  It hardly gives away the plot to divulge that cheap laughs abound from this flick — most arising from the most sophomoric of scenarios.  This parody of the famous 1980’s originated as an SNL skit, and due to its popularity within certain segments of mainly male viewers, it has now been brought to the big screen.  Albeit quite entertaining at times — don’t hold your breath for this one being nominated for any Oscars.

Will Forte of course plays the lead character with his female sidekick also obviously being Kristin Wiig.  The movie starts with MacGruber being in self-imposed exile in a monastery in Ecuador.  Having sworn off all other women subsequent to his bride being blown up a decade earlier, he is leading a life of blissful seclusion.  This all changes when his former commander (played by Powers Boothe) arrives to tell him that his nemesis — the one responsible for blowing up his former bride — now has control of a nuclear bomb.

Although initially reluctant, MacGruber eventually recognizes that the fate of humanity itself could be at risk, and he agrees to re-enter the world of espionage and intrigue.  MacGruber joins a team of commandos with each member having a specialty supporting the unit’s supersecret mission.  Not surprisingly, MacGruber’s initial plans do not pan out, and he is left solely with the help of Lt. Dixon Piper (played by Ryan Philippe) and his trusty female sidekick Vicki St. Elmo.

As the well known plot line of the MacGruber SNL skits go, MacGruber displays an astounding level of idiocy and incompetence which leads to inane situations and easy laughs.  Dieter, the villain amusingly played by Val Kilmer, is evil but retains just enough quirkiness to allow him to remain endearing to the audience.  Fans of MacGruber have come to expect juvenile perversity, low brow humor and gratuitous sex and violence — and they won’t be disappointed by this big screen version.  Just be prepared to never view a stalk of celery the same way again.

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