MUCC physical fitness test? XD

It starts at around 2:30 Satochi is hilarious!♥♥


  1. MuccTheRipper says:

    very funny XD
    miya is the strongest. *yeah* XD

  2. Michiyavi says:

    If Tatsurou wears a white shirt he’ll looks like Jesus!!!XD

  3. Hyunie says:

    that was brill. miya’s hair has gotten so long. and I’m glad his lil beardy is back he looks so sexy with it.wonder how many rockstar sato had hes so hyper. and love yukke’s mc hammer pants.

  4. Claudia Catriñanco Pailalef says:

    SATOO agjkhjsjskaj & Yukke ahgadkajsgkjahksdjlkkjskljlsk

  5. Snow Wolf says:

    OMG i can’t stop laugh bwahahahahahahahahahahahah~~~~
    they are so freakin awesome~~^O^)/

  6. ZetsubouKitten says:

    Yeah they had dressed exactly the same. Hmm.

  7. makiya says:

    They aslo had the exact same clothes in sweden during Metal Town. 😛 Almost all japanese band have a certain style that have during a tour (Kyo from diru with his tracksuit and so on..). Even if having the exact same clothes is a little bit extreme. 😛

  8. 53iago says:

    yah, i was goin to say the same thing. weren’t they wearing those on tour ?

  9. Muccgirl1988 says:

    haha…so great xD

  10. petitkotori says:

    lol!!! it was funny, they are always hilarious.

  11. AxolotlCries says:


  12. SheNeverSleep says:

    I thought the same :DDDD

  13. mimikooya says:

    Lol at 4:20 Yukke looks kinda like a gerbil

  14. ChibiEijiAnge19 says:

    That’s cheating!, satochi is using a normal pant and the rest is using those weir bag pants xDDDDDDDDDDD, of course that is more easy to sato jump those lines xD

  15. drendDnerd says:

    fukkin’ idiots <3

  16. mariadesurawr says:

    that was satoCHI right? XD

  17. vikikakashi says:

    *o* Tatsurou!!! 私は達郎が大好き!!!!!!!!!!

  18. nubetostada says:


  19. Claudia Catriñanco Pailalef says:

    I love video <3

  20. Thuytisunshine93 says:

    so cute 😀 ♥

  21. fluffypaine says:

    LOL, you’re right! xD

  22. Trisix says:


  23. LethargyBlackout says:

    Yukke reminded me of a hamster XDD

  24. LittleSugarFairy says:

    hahaha! lol satochi!!

  25. Kyomi9980 says:

    Ac hammer time. Good work guys

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