NewsRadio#24-Physical Graffiti

The friction between Dave and Lisa over her continuing relationship with her ex-boyfriend Stewart comes to a head after the three of them go to dinner together. Meanwhile, Bill and Catherine engage in escalating practical-joke warfare, egged on by double agent Joe. The restaurant set in this episode was used a couple of different times. It was also the restaurant where Mr. James and Dave get drunk in the episode Bitch Session. Wallace Langham, who played Stewart in this episode, appeared on the pilot as Jeff, the new sports guy. The actor playing Alan the waiter goes uncredited, he is actually Kent Zbornak, one of the production managers of the show. When Dave says the line “So if Stewart comes by looking to get some I’ll direct him to your desk.” The word “some” was obviously dubbed in post-production due to Dave Foley’s original recorded line, which most should be able to figure out. Dave: What kind of man writes and records a song as a joke? Matthew: Weird Al Yankovic. Right? Alfred “Weird Al” Yankovic is an American comedian and musician best known for his parodies of contemporary hit songs, although he also writes original comedic songs as well. Weird Al also had a TV show called appropriately enough, The Weird Al Show(1997).


  1. maitland72 says:


  2. SinginPrincessLaura says:

    LOL the ending!! I rewatched it like 10 times 😛
    “you were thinking it!”
    Maura = awesomeness

  3. rdmst says:

    Lisa’s dating Dave and yet told her ex she’s ‘thinking about it?’ Poor Dave. I would have jsut walked out of that diner and left her there.

  4. MIK0210 says:

    dave speaks spanish?

  5. pafrick0352 says:

    Lisa is mad at Dave? Screw that. No woman is worth that amount of insanity.

  6. 13eagordon says:

    Lisa is such an overdramatic B**CH sometimes! god if I were Dave I would dump her so fast!

  7. TheCheezhead15 says:

    Fair Enough

  8. harliette says:

    Why would Dave need to admit whether he’s jealous?

  9. TheCheezhead15 says:

    like trying to take pee out of a swimming pool. once it’s in there it’s in there

  10. Ice03333 says:

    Is anybody else watching this show only because they’re a Rogan fan?

  11. apocalyptichybrid2 says:

    I would say most watch this for Phil and Maura. But I’m happy to see people like yourself who are into that fighting genre Rogan hosts coming over to watch Joe in his earlier days. Or maybe you are a Rogan podcast fan. IDK Either way it’s all good here.

  12. Ice03333 says:

    I’m a podcast fan. Joe had Andy Dick on his podcast and they talked about the show and I believe Joe used to date one of the female actors.

  13. dsukenick says:

    The 1 person who dislike this does not want to see Dave and Lisa get back together.

  14. Bulletslc says:

    I watch for Dave.

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