Oakley Bruce Irons Signature Series Review

Famed sunglasses maker Oakley has released a Bruce Irons version within its Signature Series.  Even if you aren’t able to hang ten or survive the Pipeline like Irons, you can still look like him with these irreverent, yet highly functional, set of shades.  Now a Hawaiian legend, the charisma of Bruce Irons is conveyed within the design of these glasses which includes the Hawaiian flag set upon a backdrop of punk rock black and red graphics.  Every detail of the design, construction and artwork within these glasses was overseen by Irons, and the final product definitely captures his spirit.

Aside from looking good, these Oakleys contain all of the cutting edge technology within the lenses that Oakley aficionados have come to expect.  This includes their proprietary HDPolarized technology allowing for crisp vision while providing for maximum eye protection.  These lenses have been quantified to an astounding 99% polarization efficiency.  The six base lens curvature of these Oakleys optimizes side protection and peripheral vision which is critical in order to gauge the speed of the next wave or surreptitiously get a glance of that hot thong just down the beach from you.

The Bruce Irons Signature Series is tough both figuratively and literally — the lenses have been certified to meet Z87.1 standards for both basic and optical impact.  Oakley uses its patented Plutonite compound within the lenses which has been proven to filter out 100% of UV A, B and C harmful rays.  This series is also available with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses for those requiring corrective lenses.  Oakley’s O Matter frame composite allows for maximum durability while still keeping the weight of the glasses to a minimum.

The icons on this model are interchangeable allowing you to change your look from the beach to the nightclub.  An alternative “O” icon is included, and additional icons can be purchased individually.  Priced at $230, these sunglasses are not inexpensive, but stylin’ doesn’t come cheap.

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