Odyssey White Ice 2-Ball Putter

Odyssey has been employing their trademark 2-ball design in their putters since 2001.  Now — 30 refinements later — Odyssey is releasing the White Ice 2-Ball Putter which is the penultimate design within this fabled line of putters.  The 2-ball design entails putting a white golf ball shaped element on the top of the putter thus guiding you visually on how to best make contact with the ball.  Since 2001, myriad golfers have improved their putting by utilizing this breakthrough, and many are now flocking to this latest iteration which incorporates several new cutting edge elements aimed at helping golfers shave even a few more strokes off their scores.

The main differentiation is a new face insert technology used by Odyssey improves a wide range of performance facets including resiliency, responsiveness, sound and consistency.  The face surface of the White Ice has also been roughened in order to be more conducive for accuracy with today’s popular softer golf balls.  Furthermore, Odyssey has firmed up the core enabling a greater level of control and an enhanced sense of feel.

The White Ice also contains a revolutionary adjustable weighting system employing interchangeable weight chips.  Depending upon the situation, the player can adjust the White Ice’s weight between 350g, 360g and 370g.  This presents for an added weapon within your putting arsenal most probably not present within your competitor’s bags.

Putting can often be the most difficult — and agonizing — facet of the game of golf.  Many amateur players have trouble visualizing the appropriate angle of contact when putting, and 2-ball technology was devised specifically to address this deficiency.  The White Ice is an ideal choice for those seeking to upgrade from a previous 2-ball putter, or also for golfers who haven’t yet availed themselves to 2-ball putter technology.  As to price, the Odyssey White Ice 2-Ball Putter is on the expensive end retailing for $180.  However, if it could prevent that brutal 4 putt which ruined your entire round, then it is well worth the few extra dollars as compared to other putters on the market.

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