Online Dating Mistakes To Avoid

Online dating is continually increasing in its popularity.  In fact, recent studies have shown that 50% of singles under 30 go on at least one date a month which originated on the Internet.  When it comes to online dating, there are several mistakes commonly made by many guys.  The motivations behind making these mistakes are often strong, but shrewd and pragmatic guys avoid the temptation to engage in a self-destructive online dating faux pas.

Misleading Photo

Sure, everyone wants to put their best foot forward.  Guys who have put on a few extra pounds are tempted to use a photo from back in their slimmer days — the same phenomenon occurs in relation to men’s hair, height as well as every other body characteristic (literally, depending upon the dating site).  The logical assumption is that you’ll receive a greater degree of responses when utilizing a picture that puts you in the best light.  However, the plan is to actually meet (and hopefully score) these girls — showing up with an appearance different than what they were expecting is a surefire way to ensure the date’s failure.

Shaving Off Those Years

When it comes to your age, it becomes tempting to travel back in time a bit and offer the women on the site a younger version of yourself.  For the same reasons as outlined above pertaining to photos, this is a losing proposition.  Unlike a truly misleading photo, you very well may be able to get away with fudging the truth about your age — for a short while.  When she inevitably discovers the truth you can kiss her goodbye.  Being less than truthful about your age is another strategy doomed to eventual failure.

Being Someone Else

Some guys think it is wise to create a dating site profile indicating you have the same interests as the chicks you are pursuing.  You figure that a guy who loves small animals, Grey’s Anatomy and were first in line for Sex And The City 3 would be a magnet for chicks.  In some instances you might be correct — but then you are stuck with being that guy forever.  Unless you are so desperate that you are willing to subject yourself to endless chick flicks and nights of watching Bachelorette in order to get laid — you should assiduously avoid this strategy.


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