Online Dating Virtual Assistants?

The Washington Post recently ran a feature article about a new service provided by a company named Virtual Dating Assistants.  For a monthly fee, this service will create your online dating profiles, select your pictures, make contact with your target women and pretend to be you while going through all the tedious “get to know you” emails — allowing you to step into the role as yourself in time for the first real date.  No doubt that many girls are aghast at this thought, but the time-saving nature of this service surely strikes many busy guys as being appealing.

Companies providing this service smartly pay their “virtual assistants” on commission — they only get paid upon securing an actual date with your desired woman.  Several different packages are offered for this service — one runs just over $500 a month and guarantees 5 dates a month.  Obviously, they can’t guarantee that the date has a happy ending — once you show up in person your fate rests in your own hands.

This brings up a commonly raised question when it comes to this service — how are you supposed to know what your “stand-in” said during initial online conversations?  Several virtual dating assistant services will provide you with transcripts and screen shots of the previous interactions enabling you to seamlessly step into the role of playing you.  Ideally, your virtual dating assistant didn’t devise some obscure hobby which you have to quickly research, nor did he promise that you’d be ok with her bringing along her two brothers to tag along on the date.

Some guys shudder at the thought of ceding control of their initial schmoozing, and they pride themselves on their seduction techniques.  Other guys view the whole online dating process to be tedious, and they desire to fast forward directly to the good parts.  If you fall in this latter group, an online dating virtual assistant might be for you.

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