Out Of Sight – Out Of Mind

The Internet can subject you to shocking and startling images and writings — the worst of which include reminders of a recent ex from a traumatic break-up.  Other surfers recoil after bombardments of Lilo, Justin Bieber or other annoying Internet memes.  Thankfully, creative individuals have devised several programs which allow you to enforce your sensibilities and sensitivities onto the Internet.  Most notably, programs like Ex-Blocker give you the ability to shield yourself from any mention or glimpse of your ex.

Ex-Blocker is an easy to use plug-in which works with Firefox and Chrome.  This nifty tool effectively scrubs any mention of your ex from Google search results, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, news stories and pretty much every other web source.  Ex-Blocker works with the same efficacy as North Korean censors ensuring you are not subjected to even the most cursory mention of the ex in question effectively nuking her from your life entirely.

In order to use Ex-Blocker all you have to do is input your ex’s name, FB profile link, Twitter handle and blog URL and the plug-in will automatically handle the rest.  Ex-Blocker can handle up to four different names enabling the blocking of your last four ex’s.  Ex-Blocker follows on the heels of Shaved Bieber which is a plug-in which deletes any mention of Justin Bieber.  Unless you are a 12 year old girl, the utility of this plug-in goes without question.

GodBlock is a content filter which blocks any mention of — yes, you got it — God.  Ardent atheists are sure to love this plug-in, and religious users can employ it to prevent godly references from appearing while surfing for porn.

Surely more subjects will be the focus of blocking, enabling future web surfers to customize their experience keeping sensitive subjects out of sight and out of mind.

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