Owning An iPhone Can Get You Laid

Online dating site OK Cupid recently conducted a study which sought to see if there was a correlation between which gadgets you use and how much pussy you get.  A relatively large universe of 9785 respondents took place in this survey which elicited information about the brands of electronics we own and our sexual habits.  Many of you may have already figured this out via anecdotal evidence, but this study statistically quantified that iPhone owners get more tail than their counterparts who own less sexy phones.

The study focused on 30-somethings of both genders, and included respondents from all geographic areas.  The results showed that iPhone owners have the most sex followed by Blackberry users — with lowly Android owners coming in more towards the celibate side of the scale.  When it came to females, women who own iPhones had an average of over 12 sexual partners — a fairly hefty number for a 30 year old woman.  Women using Androids were less slutty only reporting an average of just over 6 sexual partners.

So what explains these disparities?  Some theorize that the Apple brand attracts a more cosmopolitan and “edgy” customer base, and that niche within our society exhibits the highest levels of promiscuity.  However, this theory falls down upon scrutiny of statistics relating to other gadgets including digital cameras.  Owners of the Panasonic Micro 4/3s have significantly more partners than users of competing digital cameras.  Surely the Panasonic brand is not the genesis of this disparity which provides for a good argument that the Apple brand is not the cause of iPhone induced sluttiness.

Shrewd guys can make good use of this data.  Next time you’re out on the prowl, forget about approaching that target clutching her Android — she’s probably frigid.  Head right for the girl with an iPhone — you’ll double your chances of scoring — at least according to OK Cupid.



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