Penis Enlargement — Fact or Fiction?

You’ve seen Smiling Bob as well as Jimmy Johnson hawking pills which claim to enhance your penis size.  Pumps and gadgets of all other sorts are also touted as a secret way to add several inches to the size of your cock.  Even ordinarily savvy male consumers can be tricked when it comes to sensitive topics like impotence, premature ejaculation and penis size.  These scenarios cause the little head to think for the big head — literally.  The unfortunate result is that many men get ripped off buying ineffectual pills, pumps and other ridiculous contraptions.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently studied a product named FastSize Extenders, and the results weren’t pretty.

The FDA declared that FastSize Extenders are “unapproved devices”, and they further asserted that this product was “misbranded and adulterated”.  The FDA concluded that FastSize Extenders can not establish efficacy nor safety.  That last part is the most concerning part — this product can not even be established to be safe when used as directed.  It is one thing to lose your money to a penis enlargement scam, but it is quite another should your health be actually put at risk.  The result of this FDA study was a US Government raid on the FastSize Extenders factory in California resulting in the seizure of over $300,000 worth of inventory.  Unfortunately, victims of this scam are highly unlikely to receive any compensation.

These alleged penis extenders weren’t cheap — they sold for over $275 a pop.  Getting scammed for $275 is bad enough, but the thought of what type of damage could be caused by one of these devices is truly cringe-worthy.  Researchers within the arena of human sexuality have long wondered about the male insecurities which are preyed upon by purveyors of these bogus devices.  Many men develop unrealistic expectations because the only erect penises they’ve seen are their own and ones displayed in porn movies.  This is akin to deriving your self-assessment about your height solely by watching NBA games.

The average erect penis is approximately 5.5 inches.  The odds are high that the vast majority of those reading this are not too far off that mark in one direction or the other.  However, the odds are also high that the majority of those reading this article fear that their penis size is less than optimum.  This disconnect provides for fertile grounds for scammers like those behind the FastSize Extender.  The bottom line is that you should avoid all products which claim to increase your penis size.  If any one solution truly worked you could be sure you’d see it much discussed in major medical literature.  Until then, save your money and don’t subject your dick to bogus contraptions.



  1. Sam says:

    Great information thanks guys for sharing it.

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    It’s in point of fact a nice and useful piece of info. I’m satisfied that you shared this helpful information with us.
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  3. John says:

    Penis enlargement is a real deal as long as you know what you’re doing. and don’t let any girls tell you size ain’t important. You might not have to be The Hulk, but some girth and length will go a long way.

  4. Definitely applying some of the tips here .. lets see what happens!

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