Perrier’s Bounty — Film Review

Perrier’s Bounty centers around its main character, Michael, in his desperate attempts to repay a loan shark.  Having run up his debts and evaded payment for quite some time, the boom is finally going to be lowered by the nefarious lender (played by Brendan Gleeson) if Michael doesn’t come up with the funds.  This serves as the story line for a comic-thriller movie with Cillian Murphy giving deep character development to Michael in a memorable performance.

Slacker Michael enlists the help of a motley crew around him which includes his sick father (played by Jim Broadbent) and his neighbor Brenda (Jodie Whittaker) who could not avoid becoming entangled in Michael’s mess.  The film takes place in Dublin which serves as a scenic backdrop for the madcap race between Michael and his four hour deadline for repayment.  The film is a violent one, however, it is often within a comedic context which makes even the more gorey scenes easier for more sensitive filmgoers to watch.

The film is packed with smart dialogue within its witty plot, and the intensity of the movie effectively builds from the start all the way through its conclusion.  The director, Ian Fitzgibbon, does not use violence gratuitously — it is effectively woven into a madcap romp which touches all the viewer’s senses and emotions.  The film has poignancy by showing Michael’s emergence from slackerdom, and his predicament leads to a much needed maturing of his character.

This British comedy-drama is not quite of the same caliber as others which came before it like A Fish Called Wanda, but it does have its high moments via its whacky depictions of characters including gay thugs and a brutal-talking loan shark with a soft spot deep down inside.  Excellent performances are present from all the main characters, and reviews indicate that this might be a break-out film for director Fitzgibbon.  For fans of action and comedy, this movie will not disappoint as a temporary escape into a farcical romp.

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