PUSH Physical Theatre (Dracula – Live Performance Highlights)

PUSH Physical Theatres adaptation of Bram Stokers 1897 horror novel, Dracula, is like nothing audiences have ever seen before. By combining the companys speechless artistry with traditional dialogue-driven theatre, the collaborators have created a groundbreaking, thrilling and unforgettable ride into the warped world of one of literatures most famous villains. Writer/Actor Danny Hoskins plays Renfield, the tortured soul from whose point of view the classic story of seduction, desire and madness is told. PUSH plays everything else: all of the other characters, including the incomparable Darren Stevenson as Dracula himself; all of the set pieces tables, chairs, lamps; even bringing to life the impossible imaginings of twisted minds. Stunning lighting and sound design complete the spellbinding, cinematic-like masterpiece. PUSH Physical Theatres Dracula began as all PUSHs work does with guided improvisation. The following months of collaborative exploration resulted in a 10-minute trailer during PUSHs May, 2009 run at the prestigious Geva Theatre Center in Rochester, NY. Two, full-length workshop performances of Dracula followed during Gevas Whats Next: Festival of New Theatre in June, 2009. The piece made its world premiere at Geva in October of 2009 as the second half of a two-act evening. PUSH is currently accepting performance invitations for Dracula. More info here: pushtheatre.org In this video: Darren Stevenson, Heather Stevenson, Danny Hoskins, Johanna Bystrom


  1. BenComedy says:

    Hope you come to Minnesota! Looks awesome!

  2. Barbvid9 says:

    Is this the most awesome video EVER, or what?!!!! My beautiful, astonishing and wondrously talented PUSH Physical Theatre…I could just watch this video non-stop, project it on my living room wall, and stay in the dark and magical world you created with “Dracula”, forever. Chilling, thrilling. Captured the theatre experience and left me wanting….MORE!!!!

  3. DoctorKatie903 says:

    OMG, can you please come to England to perform that, i does look amazing!

  4. kadeem brooksz says:


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