PUSH Physical Theatre – DRACULA (Live Preview Performance)

Live preview performance of “Dracula” during PUSH’s June appearance at Geva Theatre Center. See the fully developed, evening length piece this Halloween (2009) DRACULA – Bram Stoker’s classic tale of seduction, desire and madness seen through the disturbed mind of Renfield. PUSH wil premiere its new, long-form piece, Dracula, in Geva Theatre Center’s Nextstage for 16 performances October 23 November 8, 2009. Call 585-232-GEVA (4382) or visit www.gevatheatre.org to purchase general admission tickets, with discounts available. More info at www.pushtheatre.org. ———– In this video: Darren Stevenson, Heather Stevenson, Danny Hoskins, Johanna Bystrom, Jonathan Lowery, Christine Prewitt. ———– Choreography: Darren & Heather Stevenson and Company Text: Danny Hoskins Sound Design: Dan Roach


  1. mardamlop says:

    Excelente. Qué bueno sería verla en vivo!!

  2. marylhere says:

    Turned on three non theatre goers to this…live….converted. Bravo.

  3. 1Littlecookiemonster says:

    Im glad I have to study this for my assessment I love watching this, its so created good job

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