PUSH Physical Theatre (Promo)

Gravity defying PUSH Physical Theatre has been called a cross between fine art sculpture and the hit movie “The Matrix.” You have NEVER seen anything like this before…it’s cool, it’s athletic, it’s entertaining, it’s impossible to resist… This theatre of the body features professional performers who appear to manipulate time and space in a live environment. It’s all about the stories. The narratives of our lives played out with hope, strength and optimism. Once you’ve experienced PUSH, you will know the strength of the human soul expressed by the power of the human body. PUSH’s unique form has transformed it into a national company that has performed all over England, across the United States and Mexico and appeared on PBS and NPR.

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  1. AaliyahJuliette says:

    this is just IMMENSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. CatFlashBlue says:

    These are people who love their bodies and use their bodies for more than just transportation. To be beautiful is to be healthy and natural. Your body is a city. You decide if this city is hard-working and happy, or depressed and lethargic. If you can put meaning into every one of your cells, regardless of your skill in your art, the world will see it and be in awe. All that matters is the love, my humans. So please don’t you ever forget the love.

  3. dogdayspaige1 says:

    Just AMAZING!!!

  4. plainbrokenenglish says:

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  5. SabarStudios says:

    Tulsa’s Hottest New Theatre!

  6. Leftfootlegend9 says:

    do you have to be a fucking queer to do this? 🙂

  7. BananaBoyd says:

    Not to do it, just to watch it…..

  8. Hestymalin says:

    what song is this?

  9. GeorgieeXOXOX says:

    Their facial expressions make me piss myself.

  10. barefootpixie1 says:

    beautiful and inspiring xx

  11. ProjectJMO says:

    name of song ???

  12. RenJitterbug says:

    Song: Toni Childs – Throw

  13. MrCockSlut says:

    to all you people saying that this is ‘gay’ and ‘queer’
    firstly why are you even watching it?
    i don’t think you realise how physically strenuous work like this is to do. you must be in peek physical conditioning to do this as it is a combination of dance, theatre and acrobatics. I’m a member of a physical theatre company as well as studying drama and this work is exhausting.
    secondly have you seen the girls that take drama classes?  always hott.
    take your simple closed little mind and piss off

  14. zwarrell says:

    “Throw” by Son Lux. All of his work is AMAZING.

  15. zwarrell says:

    the song is by a producer named Son Lux

  16. zwarrell says:

    “Throw” by Son Lux

  17. PBIATheatre says:

    Please could you subscribe to us.we are a local theatre group for young people just trying to get heard to give young people the chance.Please help us and subscribe and spread the word and if there’s anything we can do in return we will. Thank you so much for your time : ]

  18. surprisedpineapple says:

    @1:55 giant suspended blowjob omnom!

  19. newcaliyorkfornia says:

    Their dancing made me cry last week. Breathtaking stuff.

  20. HumourMeChannel says:

    Hi fellow artists,
    Check out our video on transformation through performance based learning and using an actors skill sets on our channel
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    Thank you 🙂

  21. Юлия Афонина says:

    Rather unusual. Just imagine how much they had to do to achieve such quality.

    And. It’s easy to call smb gay, but try to do smth of the kind yourself, any way you want, “not gay”.

  22. BeaDance1 says:

    Simply amazing. I’ve just started my A2 drama studies and have to create workshops for my group and I’ve decided to do one of Physical Theatre and these clips are sure to help them get into the frame of mind you have to be in to create shapes and theatre like that. Keep up the good work

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