Ratatouille Podcast #5: Linguini À La Carte

The animators at Pixar take physical comedy to a whole new level with Linguini – Remy’s unlikely partner in culinary crime!

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  1. littlechefrulez says:

    Definitely NOT! I mean, let’s not forget that he’s hot too! You rock!

  2. GurlCat123 says:

    or lunguini, ah well, i KNOW he rocks, and i hope i do 2 😀 merry christmas littlechefrulez and all lunguini luvers and ratatouille watchers everywhere! and too allll a good night1

  3. moehoggy88 says:

    Awesomeness! Merry Christmas to you too, and especially to all the Linguini lovers all over the world, and to Lou Romano too! You do rock!

  4. GurlCat123 says:


  5. littlechefrulez says:

    Sorry, I’m not a particularly large fan of Linguini, my sister just accidentally replied to you under my login. So sorry for the inconvenience, and Merry Christmas!!

  6. GurlCat123 says:

    thast ok
    mery crimbo 2 you to

  7. littlechefrulez says:

    Sorry. My sister’s a retard, she has no manners. In fact, her favorite character is Skinner, who is the arch-enemy of Linguini, so I guess that our personalities are pretty accurate. I’m timid and clumsy and she’s mean, stubborn, and bossy. Sorry again.

  8. GurlCat123 says:

    wish I had a little sister
    im the youngest in my family
    you love her really

  9. littlechefrulez says:

    I do, but she sure does get on my nerves… She’s not very dependable, but, ya know, what’re ya gonna do?

  10. GurlCat123 says:

    lol! i guess my older sisters say that about me..heh

  11. littlechefrulez says:

    Idk, you seem friendlier than my sister. She’s not a Linguini fan! shun the non-believer! lol jk.

  12. GurlCat123 says:

    whos your favourite character?

  13. littlechefrulez says:

    of what, Ratatouille? Linguini, of course! Yours?

  14. littlechefrulez says:

    I like, no, LOVE Linguini. You?

  15. GurlCat123 says:


  16. moehoggy88 says:

    Colette’s cool!

  17. GurlCat123 says:


  18. thelittlewino says:

    hmm linguini is so sexyyy ;-p

  19. littlechefrulez says:

    I come back and look at all the stuff I said, and I feel SO bad! I’m not a fangirl! I’m sorry!

  20. marleneblack says:

    Linguini… =P

  21. MagicApplesBubz says:

    Does anyone else think Linguini strikes a resemblence to Michael Phelps when he had curly hair?

  22. Gazurella says:


    I think he has a huge resemblance to Joel David Moore

  23. andantinowithaswager says:

    great movie.

  24. Benchiladas says:

    linguini sounds like the teacher in the incredibles. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT

  25. adaomatic says:

    me and my dad hates this linguini spastic!!!!

  26. nootropic says:

    sup I’m Sarah I’m such a air head but I still really appreciated your posts

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