Reading Her Body Language

Research has shown that at least half of human communication is non-verbal, and the ability to read someone’s body language is key within several areas of life.  Most prominently, learning to read a woman’s body language can increase your odds of scoring and ultimately pleasing her.  No doubt you’ve spent ample hours studying women’s bodies — with a little education you can receive vital and useful clues as you gaze at her fine figure.

Women subconsciously send off signals with their body language — many of which they’d be hesitant to actually verbalize.  Being able to gauge her body language allows you to know when “go signals” are being sent, and avoids making your move too soon.  Is she keeping her body facing yours in an open fashion?  If so, the time might be right.  Conversely, are her arms crossed or is she keeping her body perpendicular to yours as you are conversing?  If so, you have some more ice to break before making your move.  Obviously, each girl is unique and expresses herself in different ways, but paying attention to these telltale signals can go a long way towards helping you optimize your timing.

While you should remain very cognizant of her body language, don’t expect clear and easily readable signals.  Yeah, if she flips on her back, hikes up her skirt and spreads her legs those would constitute strong signals that she wants you.  Obviously, girls who send such strong signals are few and far between — or paid.  Body language is more subtle.  The “no” signal is most usually easy to read.  It is the “yes” signal that is more elusive.  It could be a certain glance or a casual brush of your hands — just keep your eyes open for it.

Attempt to mirror her body language.  Obviously, don’t ape her, but attempt to ascertain if she is in an outgoing gregarious mode, or if she alternatively is being shy and restrained.  Assume a similar demeanor — this will tend to make her feel much more comfortable.  Ensure that you are sending the right signals — always face her with your full body when speaking, and never cross your arms or legs.  Assume an open — and as unthreatening — posture as possible.

Reading her body language doesn’t stop once you’re finally naked with her.  The ability to read body language goes a long way towards your ability to please her.  Most girls are too shy to verbalize what they really want.  It is up to us to decipher from their body language and facial expressions if they desire tender lovemaking, or to be furiously violated doggy-style while having their hair pulled.

The ability to read body language is only developed after much trial and error.  Remain vigilant for signals — it is a lot like poker, you’ll learn to know when she’s bluffing and when she’s ready to fold.

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