Recession-Proof Date Ideas

In these tough economic times, many guys are looking for inexpensive date ideas which won’t make them appear like a cheapskate.  With a little creativity, you can devise a first date that will wow her without putting a serious ding in your wallet.


Making up your own picnic basket can be creative and romantic — and a day in the park provides for a scenic backdrop to put her at ease.  In reality, many girls would be more impressed with a picnic basket catered for her tastes in a scenic setting as compared to a VIP table at the area’s most trendy restaurant.

Movie Matinee

Movie tickets can be quite expensive these days — and that’s not even taking into account the extortionate prices for snacks and drinks.  If you desire to take her to a movie, then consider a matinee.  Say you can’t wait all the way till the evening to see her, why not start the date in the afternoon.  She’ll think it’s a nice touch and won’t suspect you made the choice out of budgetary concerns.


In terms of value for the dollar, brunch is your best choice.  You can often find an all you can eat gourmet brunch — with a reasonable price.  Brunch can also be timed to go well with a matinee movie which allows for a meal/movie date at a great discount to traditional dinner and flick evening date.  The best part is you’ll appear creative and unique by suggesting this type of day date and won’t come off as a cheapskate.


Every town has a variety of free lectures, discussion panels and poetry readings.  These are often held at the local university, museum or other cultural center.  Many chicks eat this stuff up — although a poetry reading might put you to sleep, it can both impress your date without costing you a penny.  In these tough economic times, a few hours of boredom is worth saving the price of expensive movie or concert tickets.

The Zoo

You might not have visited it since you were a kid, but the zoo can be a great place for a first date — and obviously one that won’t cost you a lot.  A trip to the zoo will put her in a good frame of mind as she re-lives nostalgic memories from her youth — and is an ideal forum to have meaningful conversation without the noise associated with a club or the silence enforced by a first date at the movies.

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