Red Oxx Gator Shoulder Bag

Summer is upon us, and for many guys that means travel.  For those guys inclined to travel first class and sleep in places where an imported mint is gingerly placed on your pillow — Red Oxx gear is not for you.  Alternatively, if your idea of travel usually rips your travel bags to shreds, then the Red Oxx Gator Bag is for you.  Red Oxx is so confident in the rigid construction of this bag that they advise you to put the bag in your will — because there is no doubt it will survive longer than you do.

Red Oxx’s founder was a former paratrooper, and when he founded the company he sought to produce products that could withstand the rigors of war — and obviously your summer vacation as well.  One tester of the Gator Bag famously said that he’d be full confident being airlifted while standing in the bag — although to date no one has taken up this challenge.  Attention was paid to all details of this bag including the extreme step of having the shoulder strap pass through welded D-rings.

This heavy duty bag has a range of features including extra padding for where you laptop goes, stainless steel snaps which will outlast the universe itself, three interior sleeve pockets, and Red Oxxx’s trademark sturdy rubber wrap around the bag’s shoulder strap.  The bag includes huge number 10 YKK zippers that are literally impossible to screw up, and the body is constructed of Cordura nylon coated with urethane — to a whopping 1000 weight.  Stitching was accomplished using ultra tough number 92 nylon thread, and cell foam padding is utilized to provide toughness without the corresponding weight.

The dimensions of the bag are 9 X 6 X 12 which falls within the approved sized for carry-on baggage — more of a necessity as opposed to a luxury these days.  It has a total capacity of just under 650 cubic inches, and it is certain to survive whatever you throw at it.  At around $100, this bag is actually somewhat of a bargain — especially considering that this bag will last the rest of your life.

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