Restaurants For Manly Men

These days, celebrity chefs and their restaurants abound using esoteric ingredients with intricate designs on your plate.  These foo foo establishments might be useful now and then in order to impress a date, however, real men find the fare at these places to be less than fulfilling.  When left to their own devices, men gravitate to restaurants which give them what they want — substantive, tasty, protein-laden food served in large portions.  Fortunately, there are restaurants catering to these primitive urges located throughout the country.


This aptly named LA restaurant brings out the inner animal which resides in all men.  Meat is the star of this establishment, and many claim that even the broccoli tastes like beef.  Offerings range from huge porterhouse cuts to concoctions for the most hardy of carnivores like the pig ear with hot chili and fried eggs.  Located in an isolated area of Los Angeles, Animal sacrifice’s the city’s usual glitz in favor of serving up what many say is the best beef and pork to be found west of the Mississippi.

Bub’s Bar-B-Q

With a name like “Bub’s”, how can you go wrong?  Although located in Sunderland, MA far from the traditional BBQ hotspots in the Southeast, Bub’s serves up pulled pig and juicy ribs with the best of them.  The restaurant’s signature mustard-based bbq sauce draws beefeaters from all parts of the country, and unique additions to the traditional bbq menu like keilbasa makes this a must stop for manly eaters.


This legendary New Orleans dining establishment has been satisfying men for many years.  Those on a diet are not welcome, and Cochon provides for a venue where you can eat your fried oyster with bacon sandwich appetizer without any guilt.  The drinks at Cochon are as powerful as the cajun seasonings within their take on Creole cooking, and even the most gluttonous of eaters are satiated at this manly restaurant.


This den of protein is located in Austin, TX, and dainty eaters are best served to avoid it.  Manly eaters can let their inner lion emerge and enjoy hot dog selections including those made with local antelope, wild boar or bison.  Those desiring to really experience what Frank has to offer order their dog “porked” — this entails your selected dog being split open and stuffed with bacon and cheese before being deep fried.  Certainly not fare for a chick.

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