Review: Bullet For My Valentine’s Third Album — Fever

It only takes a minute of listening to Fever, Bullet For My Valentine’s 3rd studio album, to ascertain the level of freneticism this Welsh band is capable of.  This first minute crammed with violent drums and ascending guitar riffs starts the listener with a jolt, but it is not entirely illustrative of what is to come in the remainder of the album.  This opening track, titled Your Betrayal, best highlights the abilities of the band when it comes to guitar solos embedded within rhythmic riffs.  Additional tracks on the album establish the technical prowess of Bullet, but singer Matt Tuck’s performance often transcends most listeners’ glam threshold.

Additional album tracks include the power ballads “A Place Where You Belong” and “Bittersweet Memories”.  Lyrics on these tracks are catchy, but they are hardly worthy of comparisons to Jim Morrison or Billy Corgan.  “The Last Fight”, the album’s first single, has strong energy and surely elicits fist-pumps when played in Jersey Shore venues.  Tuck is at his best on tracks like Your Betrayal and The Last Fight, but on other songs he diverges to almost silly whispering which completely detracts from some musical high notes.

Although the lyrics attempt to channel Motley Crue or Def Leppard, Tuck is not up to that task.  He would be well served to stick to the power ballad format as opposed to hoarsely conveying such nuggets as “you look so beautiful down on your knees…”.  All in all, those seeking a throwback to the glam and hair filled 80’s heavy metal scene should check this album out.

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