Rhythm Comedy

In TIME STEP, three aging hoofers attempt to rekindle their glory days. This scene catches them at breakfast, going about their morning routines, rediscovering their love of rhythm. TIME STEP returns to NYC in April 2010 at the beautiful New Victory Theatre – newvictory.org – we hope you can join us! Parallel Exit creates physical comedy inspired by the films of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. Find out more at www.parallelexit.net

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  1. aquagal17 says:

    cereal box prize? LOVE IT!

  2. babyinblack says:

    This was great ^_^

  3. oldstuff43 says:

    Found you again baby in black! Ryan does not need sytycd. He is one heck of a good marketer though. He is bringing attention to all of the projects he is involved in by doing the show and promoting his brother. He is a genius! I am so thrilled the season starts soon, looking forward to his performances!

  4. filepgergo says:


  5. pianomags says:

    Wow. Impressive memories

  6. itimiii says:

    lol… brilliant!

  7. supertsubasa1231 says:

    Cool 🙂

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