Sarah Hyland “Burbank Motel”

Can you imagine if all of Sarah Hyland’s characters/alter ego’s moved to one shady motel! That is the setting of Burbank Motel. More to come . . .

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  1. bsofresh83 says:

    i live for sarah.

  2. brandoncherrymusic says:

    Been DYING for a new video, and this was definitely worth it because I almost died laughing. Kudos to you, Sarah.

  3. youngestmm says:

    She’s back!!!

  4. Emmagizer says:

    More Patty McOwens PLEASE!!!

  5. honz69 says:

    “Smells like…..sour cream…..” LMAO!!!!!!

  6. nofear315x says:

    Oh my god she’s so awesome i’ve missed her

  7. jefferyrowe1960 says:

    Trully the most insperational piece of film You don’t neet friends you got 10 people living
    What oh ya
    hey BRB

  8. NickJ912 says:

    “Ive never known a smell to come up through your clothes…like dat”

  9. 112aqaq says:

    i think your sweet……lets eat…… between your legs. lmfao

  10. theoneunevaknu says:

    And I was like pss so I punched the bitch

  11. 100cblodgett says:

    stick a stick in my asshole and call me a marshmallow

  12. emmygirl104 says:

    Sarah Hyland is my heroooo!!! LOVE!!! 

  13. luckyman09 says:

    O my god we r watching her In Ireland so good

  14. manoman10manoman says:

    i wanna see her tits

  15. r16christian says:

    can you say .. i emailed her and she emailed me back ..booo yaaaaaaaaaaaa.. omg to the maxx.. i am the sarah hyland of Appalachian State … people come to me just to impersonate her … lol love her …. omg it would be a dream come true to actually meet her ….. “i think ur sweet …… lets eat”

  16. kickbuttsinger says:

    omg come to nashville!!!

  17. atdean91 says:

    This is MAGIC.

  18. Embo9wil8 says:

    heyy love u sarahxxxxx if u have any spare time can u watch my video chaves tv and subsribe and anyone else who reads this tooo xxx thanks love u

  19. SkyDrivex says:

    Patty McOwens! :]

  20. heidibonbon says:

    This made my day!

  21. IronMaiden237 says:

    “I think you’re sweet, let’s eat…in between your legs”

    LMFAO! xD

  22. keishalee100 says:


  23. Thomas80507 says:

    a place like

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