Secrets cause Stress & Physical Exhaustion!

Add the NEW Sourcefed Facebook page: Scientific studies prove that keeping secrets lead to stress and physical exhaustion. Click the annotation or go to for the 5 videos we post daily or anything we’ve ever made. Watch more of today’s news Check out our Sources: Philly D OFFICIAL APP: Hosts: @leenewtonsays @thatgrltrish Music: @hagemeister


  1. KAMIKAZi169 says:

    i would marry lee. but fuck trisha, titty fuck. lee is funny.
    i hope my chick doesn’t read this.

  2. drak0heart says:

    I love this episode.. If for no other reason, then just because two of my favorite hosts are together…

  3. Nequetrefi11 says:

    ooooooohhhhhhh i fell in love with trisha, for real

  4. InYourClosetx says:

    Lee is sooo much hotter

  5. cpfairchild45 says:

    Rude haha

  6. FireAndLightning says:

    I’ve never been burdened with the secrets I’ve been entrusted to keep. I feel glad that someone wants to share it with me, and I keep them until I’m told otherwise, or until I die.

  7. TheWiredHQ says:

    no no no, everyone has it all wrong…
    It’s clearly Joe > Lee + Trisha

  8. moeezS says:

    She already has.

  9. VdubThomas says:

    i wnat more trisha!!!

  10. RandiGURU19 says:

    Looks like Trish suddenly turned awesome…

  11. Dubsexxxx says:

    This was dumb. But really hot.

  12. FeebiDraven says:

    but dial

  13. FeebiDraven says:


  14. Alfonz1993 says:

    hershberger lololollololololololo

  15. Kentleigh English says:

    What did you do last summer Trisha?

  16. RyanRMusic11 says:

    hot girls!!!!!!!! 😛

  17. tobiosnmakky says:

    how did this test go?
    shhh your adopted, so whats 12 times 12?
    im adopted?!
    its a secret geez are you too burdened to do math now?
    well why dont you run a couple of miles instead see how you manage that
    you said something about adopted??
    not able to do physical activity either, gosh you suck with secrets….

  18. writerofthefuture77 says:

    Actually I find keeping secrets really easy. why? 9/10 times i don’t care

  19. idocmirk says:

    Trisha is easy to watch!

  20. zob314 says:

    i wonder if lee still needs her box with Trisha?

  21. savagekilla94 says:

    Lol I was staring at the 5 on trishas shirt and then bam lips with a finger!!!

  22. Joesphfffffff says:

    TRISHA! the only reason I watch sourcefed

  23. ahd tamimi says:

    joe is hot!

  24. UzorXXX says:

    Lee is hilarious! :-D

  25. Jake Rg says:

    trisha boobs=cumming

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