Sex In America

A ground breaking study about sexuality in America was recently published in a special issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine. This study was conducted by Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health, and it was the largest of its kind conducted in the past 20 years. The most salient statistic points to what researchers are terming the “orgasm gap”. A mere 63% of females reported reaching orgasm during their last sexual encounter. However, 86% of guys reported that the last girl they were with definitely came like a banshee.

So what explains this gap? Maybe the 23% gap can be attributed to the male ego with guys believing they pleased their partner when they really didn’t. Or, possibly the explanation is that 23% of females are simply lying bitches? Or, maybe — a majority of the 37% of women who didn’t cum are lesbians, and maybe if they found a man then they’d be able to get off? The male ego surely comes into play at least in some small regard. The 14% of guys who responded to the survey taker “no, I wasn’t able to get her off the last time we fucked” either are just really really honest, or just have no shame.

When it comes to sexual positions, the Kama Sutra should become America’s next official book. Americans reported an astounding 41 different positions as the one utilized during their last fuck. One can easily imagine respondents to the survey recounting they did it missionary, doggy-style, girl on top, reverse cowgirl and several other well known coital modus operandi. But to explain to the survey taker that you last fucked her as she did squat-thrusts takes some nerve.

When it comes to a favorite subject for many guys — chicks with other chicks — only 8% of female respondents said they were lesbian or bisexual. However, 17% of these same women admitted to being eaten out by another woman at least once. Maybe the 9% differential work as pornstars, and they view it as strictly business. Or maybe they just let it happen for their (lucky) boyfriends or husbands, and don’t view it as impacting their sexual identity. This, obviously, is far different for guys. If you suck another guy’s dick — you are gay — period.

Americans are losing their innocence younger and younger. In past decades, only 30% to 40% of respondents reported losing their virginity prior to their 18th birthday. Today, that figure is up to 65%. If you remove really fat chicks and guys who listen to Justin Bieber from the study, then that figure probably goes up above 90%.

You can check out the full study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine — some facts might really surprise you. The bottom line is that — despite our Puritanical and prudish roots — America continues the trend towards sexual liberation started by our hippie forefathers in the 60’s.

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