Simpsons – Sideshow bob steps on rakes

Sideshow Bob repeatedly steps on rakes

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  1. ToonDubz says:


  2. xRunChick says:

    it may be the funniest simpsonclip i ever seen

  3. corydonald1 says:

    uh how about no

  4. Chalice1017 says:

    WHY is this so damn funny?!

  5. 10kboy says:

    i just laugh my ass off each time i see this XD

  6. bobbylight111 says:

    Family Guy would literally not exist without this gag.

  7. SherbertFifa says:

    id watch the 10 hour version

  8. GraciousLizard says:

    ringtone or what? 🙂

  9. haberk12 says:

    How does this not get old? This never gets old.

  10. NaiTaiDai says:

    I hurt. I hurt. ^_^

  11. Legba85 says:

    Where did those rakes come from?

  12. ILOVEVHS says:

    Ahh, the sweet sound of hurt.

  13. Jack blow says:

    POOR Sideshow bob

  14. VTwinty says:

    Can you upload the Elephant trample scene?

  15. SuperLuigiBros says:

    Needs a good 10 minute version of this. XD

  16. GavsEvans123 says:

    This video does not loop. I am disappoint. Amused, but disappoint.

  17. macaronitractor says:

    Would something like this be better? /watch?v=KGIyl2rwoyE

  18. RockThatBodyTV says:


  19. Tounushi says:

    Son, I am disappoint.
    We need a 10 HOUR version!!!!!

  20. Lugiafan0798 says:

    *WHACK!* Bob: muhurrgh *WHACK!* Bob: muhurrgh

  21. sonictrasher says:

    Gettin’ hungry

  22. WCTate says:

    I’m watching that episode right now.

  23. itsmeh5786 says:

    WHACK ngrhgghhg WHACK nghrghffr

  24. Stiletto92 says:

    The day this episode aired, Seth MacFarlane had an epiphany, and knew he would eventually be worth 100 million dollars…

  25. OneWingedSephiroth says:

    This was purely made to fill time in the episode, and yet, its the best part.

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