Social Animals- Episode 2: “Let’s Get Physical”

In the second episode of this web series, Riley worries that she might be getting “thick,” so Sarah suggests exercise. Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Tumblr! Tweet us on Twitter! @socialanimalstv Or subscribe here, on YouTube! Created by Kate Heckman and Erin Weller


  1. Heligoland43 says:

    When I saw this posted i just like FLIPPED MY SHIT. As an experience, this video was like the mountain of whip cream on that pancake. Except the mountain was ON MY HEART.

  2. dramaticafantastica says:

    PLEASE tell me it’s not going to be another year until episode 3?

  3. wellerin1 says:

    It won’t, we promise:) Episode 3 is on it’s way….

  4. DomiOrigato says:

    Cooooool! Very funny little series. Pumped for more

  5. draug2009 says:

    Dayum – doing leglifts with hiking boots on. Hardcore.

    Enjoyed it.

  6. brn141 says:

    Huge fan of the series so far, Social Animals shits gold.

  7. carianoff says:

    Pancake Babies.

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