Spades and forks – Shooting Stars – BBC comedy

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer find the humour in garden tools. Hilarious physical comedy from the classic BBC tv series Shooting Stars.

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  1. bowyer56 says:

    these videos are posted by bbc worldwide, the commercial branch of the bbc, thus the show adverts

  2. Richyhello says:

    The BBC, thus the license fee payer pay for it to be made, but you can only watch it on the TV in this country, or BBC iPlayer. This youtube channel is BBC worldwide so non of the license fee goes towards working this channel, instead advertising fees are used to fund this channel.

    If you look the BBC have two different channels, BBC, and BBC Worldwide.

    BBC is funded by tax payer for the UK
    BBC WorldWide is funded by adverts for the rest of the world.

  3. Ormzby says:

    lol i love that you took the effort to write that

  4. LilyFayline says:

    Does anyone know where I can find the clip of them redoing this at Chrismas, where Bob puts a turkey on his head? BBC have been kind enough to block the vid that showed the 2002 x-mas episode, and since it is not available on DVD, there is now no way to watch it. Thank you BBC!

  5. SLADOG777 says:


  6. mcads08 says:

    haha well said

  7. chrisdood193 says:

    Just refresh, they fuck off.

  8. PriusRider says:

    i klicked it and now i go to gran canaria for 7 days, 3 star hotel for 224€

    CLick a banner =)

  9. sugarpuffsandwich says:

    1:15 was that barry McGUIGAN?

  10. Gallifrey103 says:

    I actually laughed so much I…yeah…

  11. vanillaorchid says:

    Yes, it is. And he spent the whole show pissing himself laughing.

  12. sugarpuffsandwich says:

    He wouldn’t piss himself laughing if he was on it these days. Their new gags just aren’t funny anymore, but this was classic!

  13. pompeypirate says:

    If you’ve still not seen it, just enter ‘Shooting Stars Turkey’

  14. blobby1972 says:

    your wish is our comand lol

  15. vanillaorchid says:

    The last series was superb and SS will be back in 2011.

  16. dljc1979 says:

    west midlands, english working class home of the surreal..

  17. joppadoni says:

    vic- ‘bob…. this time youve really let me down…’

  18. geegeefaggot says:

    Why does Mortimer strangely remind me of Joe Strummer when he starts to play? 🙂

  19. mensamoo says:

    the word is random

  20. Harvy355 says:

    fuck the royal family and discovering the world. this stuff makes me proud to be british!
    best comedy in the world on this little island

  21. LostInPhilly89 says:

    This is the second best “guy getting hit with a shovel” I’ve ever seen! My favorite is from Secret Window with Johnny Depp.

  22. thomsonfly645k says:

    this is classic shooting stars what does Bob say at 0.28/0.29

  23. thomsonfly645k says:

    it seems like Lisa B enjoyed this compared to other americans who have been on the show (Larry Hagman)

  24. TheCephas738 says:

    WHY DID THEY CANCEL THIS?! The BBC’s new planning for good shows: “get rid of them ALL!”

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