“Stress Test/Exercise” Comedy By Carl Hurley

this made me laugh really hard!

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  1. cindylavone says:

    This was real funny, the next time I try on something that doesn’t fit I’ll remember my body rejected it.

  2. ltkdog says:

    mama?Is that man ridding a chicken?lol

  3. rexhickey says:

    Good to see humor without having to be embarassed.

  4. Gina77092 says:

    Watching the people is almost as funny as Carl, haha

  5. flhaz says:

    Genuis !

  6. stanmarsh45 says:

    hahahah 5:22 when he laughs

  7. vidann1 says:

    You really need to hear his jokes about telemarketers, they are so funny.

  8. peavinepanthersgirl says:

    ur program ain’t workin honey

  9. lclfjweaver says:

    hillarious! I so needed a laugh today! Thank you God!

  10. mymywater says:

    couldnt agree more watching the people laugh is a kick in it self

  11. jimhollis41 says:

    This is too funny. Do you know what video this is from?

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