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Top 7 Tips For Aspiring Home Brewers

Home brewing was legalized in the United States in 1979, and since then it has taken off in popularity. Surely at least one person you know has dreams of starting up the next Sam Adams in their basement, and amateur brewer contests attract hundreds — in some cases thousands — of entrants.

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Excellent Wine Choices Which Won’t Break the Bank

While some of us are true oenophiles, most men are intimidated when it comes to ordering wine. Many falsely believe that one must sacrifice an arm and a leg in order to enjoy your meal with a nice bottle of wine at a restaurant — but this is not the case.

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A Novice’s Guide To Wine Lingo

Although much of wine lingo can end up sounding like complete bullshit, there is a method to the madness. You don’t have to sound like an effete snob when discussing wine, but it helps to be able to know the salient terms when seeking to broaden your appreciation of wine.

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